Our Vision

We are committed to developing and celebrating the strengths and respect the uniqueness that each individual brings with them. We are committed to providing staff, individuals, and the community an opportunity to learn, grow, and participate in all we have to offer.


Our Mission

To create a positive and judgement free environment for those with intellectual disabilities. To provide support and help develop new and existing skills so individuals can reach their maximum potential. We aspire to create a positive change in the lives of individuals with intellectual exceptionalities and to promote social inclusion in the community.


Value Statement

We help to support families and individuals who require programs and services for individuals with intellectual exceptionalities. Unlike institutional care, we believe community-based programs are the answer to giving individual a chance to become a respected and valued community participant and have an improved quality of life where they can reach and excel beyond their goals.


Service Principles

We help to develop and celebrate the strength of an individual by promoting a simple plan of options. Each individual is encouraged to chose between two options, whenever possible, whether it be outings, food, friends, conflict resolutions, etc. We encourage the feeling of control and an ability to grow. We respect their uniqueness through understanding of their exceptionalities in working within their limitations, as part of a team with both family and professionals, while encouraging their growth. The variety of programming we offer is geared to the program fitting the individual not the individual fitting the program. An initial interview/in take process ensures we are meeting their needs to the best of our ability.